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Party Planning for Children: What to do for Entertainment

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Party Planning for Children: What to do for Entertainment

You know what it’s like, you have to plan a birthday party, and you have no idea what to do for entertainment. You have a whole host of children that are going to be at your house, hopped up on cake and treats but what are they going to do when they aren’t eating? Just run around? If you’ve been a parent, a caretaker or a party planner for any number of years, you may have run out of party ideas. Well, no fear this website has all the entertainment activities you may need.

Go Unique

Most of these kids have gone to a birthday party or two before, many of them have frequented their fair share. Playing the same type of games that are typical at these parties is the fastest way to not leave a lasting impression. We have some of the most interesting and unique games that are perfect for birthday party festivities. While some of the ideas and options may sound familiar, many of them have particular spins put on them to make them different or more interesting.

Live Action

Party on!

Party on!

Now whether this is a clown, magic show or a Disney character showing up in the flesh, it’s always a good idea to have some live action entertainment at a birthday party; this usually helps to captivate the kids attention and gives them something to emerge themselves fully in. If you aren’t too keen on hiring someone to come to the event, there are many ways that you can make your own interactive show or play with the kids in attendance. We have some ideas on how to carry this out, as well as other options that let the kids all interact in a creative and engaging way.

Games And Prizes

Instead of doing the traditional games and prizes route, you can use the same system to have the kids take part in other activities that still make use of the same structure but are entirely different. We have a huge list of games and ideas and concepts that you’ll love to try your hand at. All the attendees will surely rant and rave about how this was the coolest, most exciting party they’ve attended. Fellow parents will be impressed and inquire where you got all these creative ideas and insights. We’re here to help you throw the best possible birthday party you can.

Sleepover Surprises

If your birthday party extravaganza is one that happens to last longer than the 4-5 hour allotment of most parties, never fear. We have a great bunch of ideas that you can use throughout the night and the next morning to keep the kids all engaged and ready to take part in whatever is happening. You don’t have to stick with the typical birthday games, change it up a bit and pull some ideas and activities in the mix that they may not know.

Granted, you will even be surprised by some options you have to choose from on our site. We make it our mission to find all the most interesting, most underrated and even the most forgotten about activities, to the forefront. Throw the best party ever, with the help of this website and all of the carefully crafted information we have to give you.

Entertainment: Movies

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Entertainment: Movies

Movie buffs have a lot of company.  In fact, according to statistics, worldwide revenue is valued at over $80 billion. This form of entertainment is big business and is a mainstay in the entertainment sector.  With the popularity of movies, viewer can enjoy movies in a variety of formats. But even in these digital times and the age of home entertainment, many of movie buffs still prefer movie theater action.  So what type of films mean box office success that keeps movie goers coming back for more? Let’s take a look.

Oldies but Goodies

The history of the movie and film industry dates back to the late 1880s. With advancing technology in the 1900s, audiences were able to enjoy films in the theatre.  One of the earliest movies then was the Great Train Robbery and it was a big hit as you might imagine. More great movies were made as years progressed. Some of the older movies of early to mid-1900s, such as The Thin Man are still very popular today.



Blockbuster Fan Favorites

Every year, production companies spend millions of dollars to bring movies of all genres to fans. From major hits like the Jurassic Park and Star Wars series, movie lovers flock to the theater for their favorite flick. With modern technology, these sci-fi movies present special effects that give movies the wow factor that keep fans coming back for more. Who can forget the stunning visuals of Avatar? Of course, not all blockbusters use special effects.

Independent Films

Sometimes the best movies don’t have the best of budgets. More and more, independent films are making their mark in the movie industry and with fans. While the audience is not as large as with blockbusters, some independent films gain popularity without special effects. Thanks to a great script and great performance. One such top independent film is Pulp Fiction, a Quentin Tarantino film. There are many other independent films that keep movie goers happy and engaged. Because of this, some independent films are making record profits.

The Streaming Effect

Stream on!

Stream on!

As technology evolves, so does movie watching. Nowadays, you don’t have to leave home to see a great movie, thanks to streaming services provided by the likes of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. These streaming services are also creating original content for their viewers. While there is a subscription fee for these services, the popularity is growing.  With an internet connection, you can watch a movie just about anywhere.  The point is that movie lovers are the winners with more and more platforms for viewing original movies.

Movies make for a major source of revenue in the entertainment industry. The general population tends to agree that movies are a great entertainment value. And because movies can be enjoyed just about anywhere thanks to digital technology, movie makers are now tasked with creating great content for their audiences. We can’t wait for the next blockbuster or independent film. For now, we’ll keep checking out the classics. How about you?

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